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Apr. 12th, 2011

emperor of democracy

After seeing what he traded away in the budget negotiations

I honestly believe, exempting the sheer horror of George W., Obama is the worst President we've had in my lifetime.

We're getting more right wing policy under him than we've gotten with anyone other than Dubya, and even then one could make a case in favor of Bush. I will be voting 3rd party in 2012 as it's clear our policy will move rightward regardless. I'd just as soon see the country go down in spectacular ruin than the slower, cancerous demise the Democrats are orchestrating for us.

Jan. 21st, 2011

emperor of democracy

(no subject)

Aaaaaaaand my car won't start.


Dec. 24th, 2010

emperor of democracy

Sanity Meter


This is going to be...


Jun. 28th, 2010

emperor of democracy


Congratulations to Ryan and Darren on their weddingly activities over the weekend.

My thoughts were with you even if my body was not.

Jun. 12th, 2010


June 12

######saved to gamma drive

June. 3rd

...isappointed that you are so willing to jump to such conclusions about my activities. External meddling? The contracted investigator that I am assuming you are referring to has not been directed to look into your area 52 investigation. He is currently pursuing an investigation into a SERIOUS security breach that has occurred, that members of the Board of Directors themselves have shown concern over. The traced location of the most recent breaches has been the Florida Sea. Therefore, the contracted investigator was given clearance to access the basic information regarding Area 52. He has no interest...

#comment: Cited security breach predates this operation. Looks like it's open season on Infocorp. High alert complicating process, proceeding with caution. One +: can use cited breach to cover tracks if necessary. Progress has been slow re: outdated infrastructure (see below). Closing in on target's location.

May. 21st

...I have switched the office here to backup systems until the source of the security breach is found. They are older systems and cannot fully handle S%stem 7 encryption, which should explain the degrad&tion the previous message contained. I have reduced the content of outgoing messages on this console to basic text, which s%%uld reduce the corruption from coding. A new console will arrive within a week or two. I have not reactivated the non-secure console.

RegarDINg your assignment, your order of priority is as follows:
1. Your current investig&tion - this is your continued main priority
2. This security breach - based on the tra%%ing information is likely tied to your current investigation
3. Any connection to Area 52 - I ask that you keep your eyes open for any connection, but this is not your top priority...

#comment: Antiquated interfaces. Nice try, hombre, but old != forgotten. Intercepted correspondence with target. Area 52 repeatedly cited by subject. Way they're talking about it, sounds like more than an urban legend.

May. 18th

Mr. Moliñowski,

My local consol
[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[e has süffered a security breach. A trace on the transmission places the sOURce in Area 52 (the l"ocation that the bodies appeared last moñth). The console has be
\en locked down and will be made available to you immediately. I will be adjUU
sting all office t®ansmission protocols to System 7. This will increase the amount of time that it takes for transmissions to be made, but I believe it is ñecessary for security.

Your security çlearance has been upgraded to include the operation at Area 52, in the case that someone there is involved in this.

Good luck with your continuèd inves&&&

#comment: Creepy shit. IC hacked by space aliens? Demon octopi? Didn't leave any trace I can see. Molinowski's ass deep in this.

May. 16

To that end:

1. I have designated four of the brightest members of my staff to inspect and analyze the veracity of the transmission. They will be sure to exercise TEAMTHINKING in their work to resolve this aspect of the Menorah request.

2. According to your data, Mohammed Nouri Masood was the team member who received the transmission. I will be dispatching a specialist to conduct a short interview with him regarding his involvement in this.

3. As you have suggested that Project Falling Star could have data potentially related to this, I have directed that a specialist interview the members of the project thoroughly.

4. We must ascertain if the value of the data is worth the substantial cost of a Menorah evacuation request. The analysis team will assist in crafting secure communication with the contact in space.

Kevin Treacy is a valued member of our team, and I look forward to a prompt resolution of the inquiry into this possible evacuation request.

#comment: Kevin Treacy's still alive.

May. 3rd


What exactly is going on down there? I've seen the unreleased images of the bodies. Do you have any theories as to where they came from? And what is with the odd clothing that they are all wearing? This whole situation is very disturbing.

I understand this situation has stretched your people to their limit. Let me know if my subdivision can be of any assistance. I can arrange a temporary transfer of some personale if you need it.

#comment: Reference to recent Florida Sea incident carried on IC newswires. Found photos not released to public. Looks like some weird undersea colony puked up it populace.

Jun. 6th, 2010

emperor of democracy

Do bad things to you.

Throwing down: Why True Blood is Better than Twilight.

May. 22nd, 2010


May 22


-FROM: hms7000@iuooi.commercial (Hillary Strickland/Industries Unlimited OOI Intraweb 17Boise)
-TO: ramm1000@iuooi.commercial (Rebecca Mizin-Manning/Industries Unlimited OOI Intraweb 17Boise)
-SUBJECT: Field Work



I'm pleased to inform you that the extent of your reorientation period has been deemed sufficient so that we may return you to field work. Not only that, but we've decided to reinstate you in operations against InfoCorp in Eastern North America.

This is, in essence, your second chance.

Your mission is twofold:

- Aiden Molinowski, a former investigator for us who is now under firm contract with InfoCorp, is conducting a major investigation of some kind. Transportation records and witness accounts indicate that he has traveled between Winnipeg and Denver repeatedly by train, carrying a small blackbook computer.

Molinowski is a critical person of interest to us because he was deep in our trust when he left us and went to InfoCorp with numerous pieces of sensitive information about classified projects. He's a highly talented investigator and don't let his age fool you, he is very capable with computers, even the most modern varities. We want you to find out two things: what he is currently investigating, and what regarding the classified Project Indigo has he shared with others in the company. All we can tell you about Indigo is that it's a military weapons operation, and that after he left we expected it to be exposed or exploited by InfoCorp, but that never happened. You are only cleared to know further information that you may or may not learn in the process of carrying out your mission.

If Molinowski catches on that he is being manipulated by an IU subvert, he will likely be capable of making your job much more difficult. So BE CAREFUL.

- We want you to create a sustained leak within InfoCorp's information gathering operations in your region.

As you were made aware of last time, we lost our last information source two years ago when the computer technician we installed posing as a custodian died in InfoCorp's genetics lab in Denver. We sorely need this information source re-established, and given the computer-heavy nature of the office, we still think hacking is our best option. You have all the normal options for coercion available: money for bribery, clearance to make job offers and permission to issue 3rd to 4th level threats. Just make sure you clear each one through me first - I will be available to OK them promptly. You also have access to our records, through me.

Also be advised, I am giving you these somewhat sensitive assignments against the advice of my peers entirely because I believe in your potential. I would hate to have to report to them, and Intelligence Control, that my choosing you was a mistake. So let me be as clear as possible: Do not rush this like last time, Rebecca, and take the time you need to be careful. Do not fuck this up.

Hillary Strickland
Office of Intelligence
Industries Unlimited


Fraulein Strickland,

Have concerns about unaccounted VPN access to intranet. Have spoken to network administrator. She was unaware of problem, said logins were probably legitimate. Not convinced. Suggest care be taken in transmitting legality-challenged information over intranet. Will submit initial report in person along with encryption application for future correspondence. Also, will give me time to practice supplication and kowtow.

Subordinately yours,

Rebecca Mizin-Manning
Information Specialist and Researcher

May. 15th, 2010


May 15

#########################copied fromk haxrelay2300 to scarletdervish1999
####### #### ##### #$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


I think I know what I want to be when I grow up.






old school. why?


Just a theory, but I think there might be fewer assholes in space.


lol spacebutts






You are fucking brilliant.


i am?


You have given me a new fucking lease on life, amigo.


lol k:):)


The funny part is that there are assholes in space from a certain perspective. And, by extension, asses.


lol ur really weird monkey


I'm talking about relays, Mongo. Old fucking relays. The upper atmosphere is thick with satellite shit.


can i see ur pic now?


Antiquated interface routines. An antique approach for an antique system.


i bet ur relly cute.:)


One pic coming right up. You just need to accept my packet.


no prob


Hey, what's that smell?





May. 12th, 2010


Per management's request.

Dear Management,

Enclosed and copied below, please find the first of the indefinite weekly bug reports Management has requested. As Management has determined that this is a productive use of my time, I have, with the most tender love and care, performed every stress test and security study I could think of. Please also find the attached time study, wherein I have documented the amount of time spent fulfilling Management's request relative to the amount of time I am able to perform the duties for which I was hired.

Your Secret Admirer,


PS - Your database is, pardon my Canadian, "glitched."

Bugs and security risks have been documented with a convenient, space age Greco-alphabetical system. Alpha = trivial. Omega = something is going to explode. Presented, respectively, for maximum drama.

Alpha Bugs:

-Text overlays with previous entry when searching through captured Handwikis via Pancho Villa tool. Sloppy coding. Probably Dario's.

-Login system refers to all users added since January as "Guest(EmployeeIDNumber)" and has been logging their activities as such. As system tracking ID numbers, bug considered trivial. Plan to check IDNumbers against HR records during next report cycle. Suggest Management tell employees 1243, 134567, 2123, 046234, 234, 5667, 13686, 552225 to change passwords.

-Busted links to employee email accounts for all maintenance personnel. Surprised no one's noticed.

Gamma Bugs:

-Numerous pre-Infinity entries have improper date stamp. Most amusing: entry on millenial bug dated tagged January 1, 1900. Probably human error (see: Alvarez, Dario). Or maybe server is, as often suspected, running on a 486.

-"Soft" crash when accessing InfoCorp's last year 3rd quarter earning reports through InfoCorp disambiguation.

Sigma Bugs:

-Huge backdoor found, vulnerable to human + (maybe) AI malefactors. Details withheld for security purposes. Suggest discussing in person in secure setting.

Omega Bugs:

-Uncontrolled growth of files. No human edits logged or signs of unauthorized entry. Suspect degenerate code or systemic virus, source unknown. Doesn't fit known Infinity MO. Expect system failure within 14 months.

Feb. 27th, 2010


February 27

#########################copied fromk haxrelay2300 to brumhilda131(computerNO8)
####### #### ##### #$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Read this shit carefully. This is about my conversation with fabul two years ago. Fucking kills me, it does, how thick people are. But you said you were interested and there's something about you I like. Watevs...... I consider this really important though and I think it's time to SPREAD THE WORD. I mean, it describes life perfectly. At least for me.


Get to the fucking point, kkk. I didn't ask for a prologue.


QUIT GRIPING MILKSOP...I said this was important!

OK. The point. Here:

That crazy bitch Doyle came up with an idea called the correlating time theory, right? It has something to do with string theory? Or black holes? Or other special relativity? I don't know I'm not a glitching physicist. But here's the gist of it:

You can have two timelines at any point in history in which, by the holy graces of some fucking science magic bullshit, interact with each other and nobody can be the wiser - but there are these things called "spatial incongruities"


And the point is what? Fucking get to it.


KEEP your pants on! You should glitching call yourself impatience.monkey


I fucking hate that. "Glitching!??!?" Stupid Canada words. Just say fuck!!!


No. Glitch you.


Teeheehee. I'm just teasing you mate. Go on.


ANYWAY. The point. In correlating timelines, you can't interact unless it's through a spatial incongruity. Something very different about one timeline or the next.

That's what Doyle used to do all that snappy time travel shit. It's also what that book we were discussing, "The Last Second" was trying to explain and why all the characters were so frustrated and confused. They were so fixated on what was the same, they completely failed to see that it was the unharmoneous parts of the timelines that were FUCKING UP THEIR WORK.

Like in Chapter 8, they're talking about Leap Years, right? OK, so they're trying to travel back to 1844. LEAP YEAR. But they're in 2305, NOT A LEAP YEAR. So Chuck gets fucked up and dies because his brain gets fried.


Sounds pretty stupid to me. I mean, that's not how leap years work. It doesn't take an extra day for the Earth to actually travel around the sun in a leap year, it just fucking compensates for lost time from previous years.


You're thinking to damn literally, AM! Think more metaphorically, maybe? It's like, if there's a spatial incongruity, then both timelines are already compensating for each other already. It's through that compensating cosmic watevs that moving between the timelines BECOMES POSSIBLE. So yeah, a Leap Year is compensating, but that's the point! We're just measuring time unevenly, in our minds, so something in the timeline HAS TO COMPENSATE for that.


Yeah, that's great. By the way. Thanks for the uplink. And your credit info! :))))))))))))


WTG are you talking about AM?


You just got your ass handed to you, mein fruend. Don't forget to kill yourself when you realize how "glitched" you are. :-)


Fuck you. Ass hole.

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